RGB Coro Candle Diffuser

We picked up a pair of the HC candles. These are the middle size at 61.5 inches, with 12 rectangular pixel modules. There are three pixels per module. With a few zip ties and hot glue, they are assembled and look great!

Our Christmas Display

This was the result of our first attempt at a display with very little time as it was already December 21. The candles are missing from this picture as they weren’t done yet until the following day. Everything turned out great, except for making the mega tree too short at 12.5 feet. I will have … Read more

AlphaPix Evolution with Flex Expansion

The Mega Tree kit came with the AlphaPix Evolution CPU and the Flex 16 SPI expansion board. There CPU board can connect up to two more expansions, for a total of 48 outputs, however the CG-1500 enclosure is only tall enough for 1 more expansion. Each of the 16 strands on the mega tree, uses … Read more

PixNode Tree™ Pixel Mini-Trees

A pair of the HolidayCoro 27″ mini trees came in with the add-on stars to the top. These are the middle size available currently. They have holes for 140 pixels in the trees and 20 in the stars. We have 80 some 12mm pixels in each tree as they are only being used 180 degrees, … Read more

PixNode CoroFlake™ 3 Prong Fancy Snow Flake

We picked up the 36″ version of the snow flake from HolidayCoro. It is the largest size of three available. It hold 96 bullet pixels, and ships with a slit in the back to be folded in half. We were debating on going with the 24″ or the 36″ version, and glad it ended up … Read more

Mega Tree Ordering

We made sure the ground wasn’t too frozen before ordering a Mega Tree. The pole was pounded in the ground 2 feet and, 2.5 feet left above the ground. With another 10 foot pole on top, the tree is 12.5 feet tall. This will be re-done over the summer/fall to make it a bit taller. … Read more

The Begining

Started out with 10 strings for 500 lights. 150 lights on the garage and 350 on the house. A few days later 150 more was added to the house. This is where it all started not long ago a couple weeks before Christmas 2019. These are all 12 mm pixels.