Mega Tree Ordering

We made sure the ground wasn't too frozen before ordering a Mega Tree. The pole was pounded in the ground 2 feet and, 2.5 feet left above the ground. With another 10 foot pole on top, the tree is 12.5 feet tall. This will be re-done over the summer/fall to make it a bit taller.

A week later a shipment had arrived from Holiday Coro and the tree was started. The most fun part was pushing all the pixels into the strips by hand. Other then that, it was pretty simple and easy to set up. I had some troubles with the Alphapix Flex controller only lighting up the first 5 of 16 strings. Narrowed it down to having to set the channels from 510 down to the actual usage of 150 per string. After that, everything worked as intended.

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