Tune To Sign

We made a tune to sign using the Boscoyo modular matrix strips. Its 16 pixels wide by 14 pixels high for a total of 224 pixels. Mounted to a PVC frame with legs that can fit over some rebar in the ground for mounting.

CG 1500 Enclosure

We only have 2 of these CG 1500 boxes. The rest are all just heavy duty Rubbermaid containers. This one has a Falcon smart receiver daisy chained with two more in the next controller box. There is also a Falcon distribution board in there, but will only be used temporarily. The 5v lights on the … Read more

Matrix Control Box

Put together the control box for the garage door matrix panels. It contains two power supplies, and 5 smart differential receivers. They are daisy chained off of each other, so only 2 ports on the F48 are consumed. Each side of the matrix uses 8 outputs. The 5th receiver is for the snowflakes or spiders … Read more

Main Control Box

Finished the main control box for the most part. It contains the Falcon F48 controller, Raspberry Pi4 for FPP,5V power supply, 12V power supply, and a differential receiver. Even though its inside, I still used waterproof cable glands and Ethernet pass throughs. Giving me the option to disconnect the Ethernet cables easily.

Triple Arches

Today we figured out the template for the triple arches. They consist of the large, medium, and small arches from Boscoyo. We wanted to combine them all into one single arch with three tiers. Its all 1/2″ PVC pipe and fittings to make the frame. The pixels go on the outside with the black material … Read more

Garage Door Matrix

Picked up three of the PixNode Netâ„¢ from Holiday Coro. One was cut down the middle, and each half was added to one of the full panels. This created two matrices roughly 8 feet by 6 feet. Both of these together then cover the garage door. It rolls up and stays up with a bungee … Read more

Falcon F48

Decided to go with the Falcon F48 controller. I liked the idea of running Cat 5e cable to remote locations around the garage, house, and yard. And the ability to daisy chain 3 receivers together off of one output is a plus. Still waiting on the receivers to ship yet, but they should be soon.