Window Borders

Built the window borders today with 3″ spacing all the way around. It is 1/2″ PVC painted black, and pixel holes drilled throughout on the drill press. It will be held in place using the PVC clips from Holiday Coro to make it easy to put up and take down.

Boscoyo Black Widow Spiders

Put up the two smaller spiders from Boscoyo today. We were waiting on more pixels to arrive as they required 4″ spacing, and the others were too tight at only 3″. From here on out all pixels will be at least 4″ spacing.

Pumpkin 1 Singing

We populated the singing pumpkin face from Boscoyo with 12V pixels. It uses exactly 250, for a total of 5 of our strings. Added on another pigtail to the receiver, and it is up and running! Tested it out with AC/DC Thunderstruck, and worked great!