Got the MOAW (Mother of All Wreths) from Gilbert Engineering populated with 640 pixels. It would be our first high density prop for the display so far.

Pixel Forest 9 x 7

Got the pixel forest assembled in a 9 by 7 grid. Each pole is 18 pixels, so it comes out to 1,134 total pixels. I have it modeled in xLights as 4 separate cubes, and all placed into a group. These are all 5 volt pixels that have been repurposed.

Mega Tree 2.0

Got the mega tree set up with its new appearance. We doubled the strings from 16 x 50 to 32 x 50. Also added a two foot star to the top, but it will be replaced, as it is too small. It is 16 feet tall to the tip of the pole. All the pixels … Read more