Window Borders

Built the window borders today with 3″ spacing all the way around. It is 1/2″ PVC painted black, and pixel holes drilled throughout on the drill press. It will be held in place using the PVC clips from Holiday Coro to make it easy to put up and take down.

Tune To Sign

We made a tune to sign using the Boscoyo modular matrix strips. Its 16 pixels wide by 14 pixels high for a total of 224 pixels. Mounted to a PVC frame with legs that can fit over some rebar in the ground for mounting.

DIY LED Express Order

Placed an order for a bunch of pixels, pigtails, extensions, and power supplies from DIY LED Express. Just picked it all up this morning locally, as it’s not too far from me. And the seller even drove to meet me half way so I did not have any shipping! This is mostly for a matrix … Read more

Our Christmas Display

This was the result of our first attempt at a display with very little time as it was already December 21. The candles are missing from this picture as they weren’t done yet until the following day. Everything turned out great, except for making the mega tree too short at 12.5 feet. I will have … Read more

The Begining

Started out with 10 strings for 500 lights. 150 lights on the garage and 350 on the house. A few days later 150 more was added to the house. This is where it all started not long ago a couple weeks before Christmas 2019. These are all 12 mm pixels.