Reindeer Display

Today we make the support structures for the entire Santa sleigh, and all his deer. Placement is not exactly right as this was just a temporary mockup to hold the top layer up. It will all go up on the garage roof.

Spooky Tree

Assembled the GE Spooky Tree today. It will be mounted in the same location at the mega tree, utilizing the pipe already in the ground for support. We will need to populate it with 350 pixels to light it up. It is a singing prop, so the mouth will move with the lyrics.


Got the MOAW (Mother of All Wreths) from Gilbert Engineering populated with 640 pixels. It would be our first high density prop for the display so far.

Pixel Forest 9 x 7

Got the pixel forest assembled in a 9 by 7 grid. Each pole is 18 pixels, so it comes out to 1,134 total pixels. I have it modeled in xLights as 4 separate cubes, and all placed into a group. These are all 5 volt pixels that have been repurposed.

Mega Tree 2.0

Got the mega tree set up with its new appearance. We doubled the strings from 16 x 50 to 32 x 50. Also added a two foot star to the top, but it will be replaced, as it is too small. It is 16 feet tall to the tip of the pole. All the pixels … Read more

Pumpkin 1 Singing

We populated the singing pumpkin face from Boscoyo with 12V pixels. It uses exactly 250, for a total of 5 of our strings. Added on another pigtail to the receiver, and it is up and running! Tested it out with AC/DC Thunderstruck, and worked great!

Triple Arches

Today we figured out the template for the triple arches. They consist of the large, medium, and small arches from Boscoyo. We wanted to combine them all into one single arch with three tiers. Its all 1/2″ PVC pipe and fittings to make the frame. The pixels go on the outside with the black material … Read more

Garage Door Matrix

Picked up three of the PixNode Netâ„¢ from Holiday Coro. One was cut down the middle, and each half was added to one of the full panels. This created two matrices roughly 8 feet by 6 feet. Both of these together then cover the garage door. It rolls up and stays up with a bungee … Read more

Mega Tree Ordering

We made sure the ground wasn’t too frozen before ordering a Mega Tree. The pole was pounded in the ground 2 feet and, 2.5 feet left above the ground. With another 10 foot pole on top, the tree is 12.5 feet tall. This will be re-done over the summer/fall to make it a bit taller. … Read more